Sabtu, Mac 16, 2013

Memories...The Sweetness With QC Lab and TSHW

These are some pictures (actually I have a lot) during my internship at TSH Wilmar...
As mentioned before, I was assigned at the Quality Control Laboratory Department of the company...
So, these are some of the sweet memories along my 3 months internship there...
With the coolest Chemist and Supervisor, also the great bros which are the lab staffs...
In short, most of the people I met during my internship at TSHW were and are still AWESOME!

Miss Chemist and Abg Sulaiman

TSHW Futsal Tournament (QC Lab VS KCP)

Abg Roslan, Mr Ameng, and Abg Bob

QC Lab and Refinery Players

Team of QC Lab

QC Lab also

Working time!

Makan time! Hahaha...

The awesome Supervisor ever! Cip Nurdin! :)

5S Activities (Clean up the 5S Corner)

5S (Miss Farhana and Mr Ameng)

5S too

5S again (Abg Jamil and Mr Zul)

5S (Meee! Hahaha...)

5S (New look for 5S Corner, designed by me)

5S with Mr Ameng (Decorating Water Testing Room)

Same as above

Guys Talk...Hahaha... (Abg Sulaiman, Cip Nurdin, Abg Bob and Mr Zul)

Abg Jamil, Abg Roslan, Abg Sulaiman, Cip Nurdin, Abg Bob, Mr Zul

5S Principle

Models for 5S Principle

p/s: more pictures will be uploaded, soon...hehehe...

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