Jumaat, Februari 24, 2012

Alhamdulillah, Another Great Bday!

Thanks To My Family, My Friends And Whoever Related To Me...
Thanks For All The Do'a, Surprise Prank, Presents, and Wishes...
Alhamdulillah, Thanks Ya Allah...!!!~ :D

Thanks My Dear Tika For Accompanying Me The Whole Day During My Beautiful Bday On Skype! Always Miss You! 
Thanks To Kak Ecah, Kak Anom, Tiqah Mocha, Nisah, Zai And Tempe For The Skype Too...
Miss You Guys Too! A Lot! :'(
Thanks Aqie For All Of Those Delicious Food, Thanks Wan Via For The Selendang Purple, Thanks Alip For The Teddy Monkey, Thanks Abg Lan & Kak Anor For The Cupcakes And Groceries...
In Short, Thanks For Everything!

Prank Glitter! Kejammm!

Orang Dalam Skype Tu Pun Tumpang Torture...Huhuhu...

Cupcakes From Abg Lan & Kak Anor

Lunch From Aqie

Tika! :)

Teddy Monkey From Alip!

Selendang Purple From Wan Via
With Wan Via
With Syahir

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